visual effects ninja

The r/vfx anonymous wage survey allows vfx industry practitioners to share wage information, empowering them to make better work choices.

Welcome to the (temporary) home of my vfx projects. I'm a vfx supervisor with 15+ years of industry experience and a desire to give back to the community of artists and production staff who helped me with my career.
Right now the main feature is the Anonymous Wage Survey which I maintain for r/vfx on reddit, but I have vague plans to develop a tutorial series on vfx production (bidding, shooting, supervising etc) and also to write more critical and insightful news rather then the puff pieces that seem to dominate vfx industry media.
Why Visual Effects Ninja? Well, when looking for domains the option of was randomly proposed among many others by the registration site and, in a moment of childlike glee and impulsiveness, I couldn't resist.
Hopefully one day soon I'll move to something a little more professional but for now I'm just hiding away in this little corner of the web. Like ninjas.