About the Survey

Why we started this site.

This webpage, the vfx wage survey, and the database of results, are maintain by the team of moderators are r/vfx. Everything here is provided free and anonymously. Costs associated with running the page are personally handled by u/axiomatic-

The resulting data is freely downloadable by anyone. You can see the raw results, and then a curated/cleaned worksheet that makes these results a little easier to parse.

Our goal in creating this webpage was to provide some actual data to answer the frequent questions about wages that appear on the r/vfx subreddit.

From there the project expanded to include a couple of questions about things beyond the scope of pure wages, with questions about OT, job satisfaction, and stuff like that.

In the end what we've ended up trying to provide is a way for people to share information about working conditions and lifestyle in the various hubs of VFX around the world.

We hope can make use of the results.

How we handle anonymity.

We've attempted to keep the results as anonymous as we can, while still providing accurate information. Hopefully there's enough granularity in results that they are useful, but not so much that individuals could be identified by their submissions.

As an example, rather than asking for your specific age we use age categories, and for regional information we use countries as standard, subdividing into hubs only in large markets, rather than using cities or postcodes.

That said, if you're in a position where you think your anonymity could be compromised because of how specific your data is, then we'd encourage you to make more generalised responses to keep your data anonymous.

One important thing to note is that we do keep a timestamp of when your survey was filled out. It is kinda necessary for us to do this but it does mean that someone could match your access to the site with your survey result if they had both pieces of info.

Finally, we've avoided putting advertising on this site to make you less trackable as well but this is Google hosted - whatever that means. And we're not security experts.

If anonymity is hyper important to you then please excercise whatever caution you think is necessary when filling out the survey.

We focus on regions, not on individual companies.

We have purposefully removed specific companies from being listed within the survey - our goal isn't to try and rate employers as there's a lot more going on besides wages. Instead we've focused on breaking out the results into regions by country, or via important hubs, where they qualify.

Despite a few requests for it, companies will not be added back into the survey, even as optional information. We don't want to politicise our data and we don't want to put into place a situation where there is reason for people to leave misinformtion in the form of false survey results.

How we filter the results.

All the unfiltered data (direct survey results) are available for browsing and download here.

We automatically run few little checks on the submitted data to try and filter out incorrect, false, or misleading results. You can see the columns used for these calculations to the far right of the cleaned worksheet.

These error calculations are then manually verified by the mods. If we think a result is suspect, or obviously incorrect, then we marker it in the error include column and, by default, it isn't included in most search results.

Most of our searches and filters will have a threshold type switch that should allow you to include results we think are untrustworthy.

If you think you've submitted a result in error, the please contact us and we can (try to) remove it from the pool.

How we handle overtime questions.

Our OT questions are probably not handled in the best way possible but it's really important to note that we didn't design them to be calculation fields exactly.

The goal of these fields is to allow people to share their OT conditions with someone who is filtering results - they are designed to be human readable, and comparison friendly.

For example, if you want to know about OT in Vancouver then just filter all the results for VC and then browse the OT columns to see what the common scenarios are.

It's possible one day we might revisit the OT questions and try to make them a little more robust, but there conditions are so varied around the world it's quite hard for us to easily include them within the scope of google forms.